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MyRehabExercise was developed by Dr. Phillip Snell, for other doctors, to help incorporate exercise training into their busy practices. The evidence suggests that exercise is powerful medicine for musculoskeletal pain patients. However, the realities of busy clinical practice makes the time associated with exercise training difficult at best, economically unfeasible at worst.

In the past, the best that was available for clinicians was to give patients those "tear off" sheets of exercise instructions to take home. The detailed videos at MyRehabExercise can be customized to your patient and sent via email before they even finish their appointment.

Improve not only your outcomes, but also your professional appearance with this custom option!
Not Your Average Exercise Rx Service!
We're not the right fit for everyone..
...but if your passion is in functional movement patterns, patient empowerment, and evidence-based practice, we may be a good fit! You can find out by trialing MyRehab for 14 days with no risk. 

At MyRehab, you will also find things not available anywhere else, like the only full library of MDT spine and extremity home exercises, and now...the only available library for DTM (that's Dermal Traction Method, formerly YAP for those in-the-know ;)) for patients.  We lean on external cueing strategies and try to anticipate and correct common errors before they even happen. This improves outcomes and reduces the clinical time spent in instruction. That time saved can be spent providing other billable services, so the service effectively pays for itself by making you more productive!

Below you can see snippets of the content and see the detail your patients will see.
MDT Library
Robin McKenzie's work is fabulous and we have the only full spine and extremity exercise library for MDT corrections anywhere! Material demonstrated by diplomates in MDT.
DNS Library
The works of Pavel Kolar, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) are phenomenal, but if you've done the coursework, you know that getting patients to do the exercises well is a challenge. Let our videos help you and your patients.
Michael Shacklock Library
Demonstrated by Michael Shacklock himself! Upper and lower quarter home exercises make the process easy for your patients with radicular symptoms. 

McGill Library
Stuart McGill is perhaps the best known spine researcher in the world. We have many exercises developed or inspired by Dr. McGill. Make sure to check out his coursework, books and DVDs at
FMS Library
Because we know you use a variety of methods in your rehab, we put them all here so you don't need to send patients to multiple sites. Enjoy the FMS correctives catalog on MyRehab.

DTM Library
You won't find the DTM material any where else. Developed by Drs. Phillip Snell and Justin Dean, DTM offers a neurocentric approach to manual therapy. You can learn the process at the DTM website, and then use MyRehab to send your patients home with clear instructions on how to help themselves.
Liebenson Library
Dr. Craig Liebenson's popular courses offer many unique corrections drawn from his vast exposure to multiple schools of rehab. Now you can find that work here to share with your patients on Monday morning after that weekend course.
Kettlebell Library
As the kettlebell options have morphed over time in the US, we've been there through it all. Find the work of Pavel Tsatsouline represented here and take their excellent courses at
And more...
Some of you will recognize names of excellent pros like Dan John, Eric Cressey, Sue Falsone, Gwen Jull and others. Coming soon, we also hope to offer patient education resources for pain neuroscience as well.
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Sign up for a FREE trial membership for 14 days. If you don't like it, just cancel prior to the end of the trial period. If you like it, do nothing and you will be charged only $19.99 monthly until you decide to quit. SPECIAL DISCOUNT RATES FOR STUDENTS AND NEW DOCTORS! Click below to sign up!
"I cannot recommend this site highly enough to practitioners. After using it since 2012, I believe that is the most comprehensive site on the web for clinicians looking to empower their patients to make lasting changes in their lives. The site is easy to manage on both ends and the instruction provided to the client is second to none. The site is always fluid and always improving as new exercises are added as we progress as a rehab community. I cannot recommend it enough, thank you Phillip!"
Dr. Jeffrey Beran, PT, DPT, ATC-Scottsdale, AZ-Member since 2012
"As we all know, patients will do something that is easy, takes a few minutes, works well but more importantly something they can remember. Dr. Phil does a stellar job in providing a product that nails it all. "-Kelli Pearson, DC, DABCO-District 1 Governor for the American Chiropractic Association-Member since 2011
"I have been using My Rehab Exercise as a tool to help my patients perform their rehabilitative exercises safely and with confidence for over five years. Not only is it an excellent resource for patient education, but I too have learned quite a bit from it. The ease of use for both practitioner and patient, and the clear, concise and short videos are top notch. "-
Megan Zetter, DC, Portland, OR-Member since 2011
"I am a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor and see many patients with chronic pain. I teach exercises in my office regularly, but find that patients often have a hard time following through with regular exercises at home. They commonly forget the details of what I've taught and wind up doing things incorrectly. Being able to send them a video of their exercises has been invaluable in helping people continue regular rehabilitation exercises at home so that can recover."- Janet Lord, MD-Berkley, CA, USA-Member since 2012  
"My patients love the ease of viewing their home exercises through The explanations are detailed enough that patients can follow along and not too long that they lose interest. I like using the website because it has all of the best-evidence available in rehab in one location including exercises from Cook, McGill, MDT, Liebenson and more. "
-Erin Ducat, DC, CSCS, CCSP, DACRB, FACO-Bloomingdale, IL-Member since 2014
"I really love using because the exercises are evidence based and up to date, and it's quick and easy to prescribe. My patients love them because it's easy for them to watch the videos on their phone."- Dr. John Fortuna, Chiropractic Physician, Berwyn, IL, USA-Member since 2014

I have been using with my patients for years and they just love it! The ease of use, high level of instruction using state of the art rehabilitation exercises has been a great way for me to get my patients to exercise. I would highly recommend it!-
Amy M. O'Donnell, D.C.,DABCO, Stamford, CT-Member since 2011
"I've been privileged to use MyRehab for many years now! My first reasoning for doing so was the content. It's up to date on current functional approaches to rehab and resonates with my approach to care of my patients. The utilization of has been a great asset to my practice and patient compliance for their rehab exercises. Patients love the videos instead of a piece of paper. The videos provide cueing that they may have forgotten after leaving the office and enables patients to perform their exercises correctly as a result. I am grateful for the content and effort made to produce a site as clean and informative as this is one is! Kudos Dr. Snell and thank you!" 
- Jacob D. Perkins DC, CCSP, Bellevue, WA-Member since 2011
"I find to be a valuable resource. I know my patients have difficulty remembering how to do their exercises correctly from just me demonstrating or workshopping it with them in the office. The videos are very detailed and easy to follow. I am comforted knowing they have that resource at their disposal anytime. I trust this website because I know Dr. Snell is current and thorough in his research on how to perform exercises and corrective procedures."
-Verlynn Kleppe, DC-Warren, PA-Member since 2012
Want to Try it Before You Decide?
Sign up for a FREE trial membership for 14 days. If you don't like it, just cancel prior to the end of the trial period. If you like it, do nothing and you will be charged only $19.99 monthly until you decide to quit. Click below to sign up!
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